Choice of the 2019 Mount Bromo Tour Package

The choice of the 2019 Mount Bromo Tour Package is indeed increasing. Start from offer package only 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days to 5 days. If seen from the time it can indeed be adjusted according to the time own by tourists. But it turns out a lot of confusion to determine which places need to visit. Base on the Mount Bromo Tour Package can be more identify start from the place to visit, to the time that will be spent visiting.

Before choosing the Mount Bromo Tour Package, have you known the advantages and disadvantages of using the Mount Bromo Tour Package?

The advantages of using Mount Bromo Tour Package:

  1. Guide. By using the Mount Bromo Tour Package, our tours will be faster and more efficient. Because you no longer need to find a way, ask for a location, and no longer need to take care of anything related to the holiday. Moreover, with a guide, we will know more information from each place visit.
  2. Effective time. By using the Mount Bromo Tour Package, tourists have no need to think about things relate to holidays. Because you as a traveler just sit and enjoy.
  3. For immigrants who are very unfamiliar with the situation and condition of the destination, it is strongly recommended to use the Mount Bromo Tour Package. Because it is not only a danger but also can spend time only to recognize and waste a lot because of ignorance.
    Disadvantages of using Mount Bromo Tour Package:
  4. Bound time. We already know if we have chosen the Mount Bromo Tour Package. So we as tourists are arranged by the Mount Bromo Tour Package. It is not we who manage the group, because of the limited time spent.
  5. Not free. Not free here in the sense that the activities carried out during the vacation have been arranged from every waking up to going back to sleep. And it can’t be arbitrary, regulating will. Except for a number of Mount Bromo Tour Packages that do provide free time in accordance with requests from tourists.

After knowing the disadvantages and advantages, if you and your entourage agree to use the Mount Bromo Tour Package. They know the types of Mount Bromo Tour Packages, including:

  1. Mount Bromo Tour Package Milky Way
  2. Mount Bromo Tour Package camping backpacker on Mount Bromo
  3. Mount Bromo Tour Package wedding
  4. Mount Bromo Tour Package prewedding
  5. Mount Bromo Tour Package honeymoon, etc.

Bromo Tour Package Options

Bromo is one of any mountains in East Java Indonesia that have wonderful natural scenery and many facilities in there, like mountain climbing, mount Bromo for pre-wedding photography, picnic, camping, and other activities to enjoy the coolness, sunrise and natural beauty of Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo, it is not just a tour to the mountain only but any other destinations you can visit like Bromo Milkyway, Bukit Mentingen, Bukit Teletubbies, Puncak B 29 Argosari and so on. In weekdays or holiday season, domestics also foreign travelers always visit this place to spend their holiday time. Mount Bromo is a famous place with a beautiful sunrise and became an icon of tourism in Probolinggo, East Java Indonesia, if you want to travel to this place, you need to hire Bromo tour package service to make your vacation trip easier and more enjoyable.

There are many Bromo tour service agent that you can choose with different types of services. Be sure to choose the Bromo tour package that suits your needs on your trip. You have to know about the Bromo tour agent quality, place, price and also a list of the Bromo tour package. The more options available in the Bromo tour service, the more you will be easier and more freedom to choose. Generally, their Bromo tour package consist of culture, history, entertainment, education, and natural attractions, but if you want to order your own bromo tour package, which is designed the time and trip route, you can order with a custom order package.

The other services provided also various picking up locations in East Java Province. As a traveler from domestics or from all around the world, you can choose a landing place where ever you want, can be by land, sea or air. Usually, the visitors, choose the cities that are close to the location of Mount Bromo like Surabaya, Malang, Jogjakarta, Bali or Banyuwangi Ketapang and Bromo tour service agents will pick up in accordance with the visitor’s arrivals. There is a good idea to determine lodging places like hotels before doing the tour because not all Bromo tour agents provide accommodation.

These are some choices you can choose in the Bromo tour package, here are the details:

  1. Tour for 5 days with the tourist destinations Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo, waterfall, and rafting.
  2. Mount Bromo tour package from Bali 2 days 1 night.
  3. Prewedding photography at Bromo
  4. Mount Bromo tour midnight.