A character on Meme Comic Indonesia

If you are an internet user, then you must know about a meme. There are lots of memes in social media that are shared and used to express something that could not be expressed by word since on social media you only use text to express anything. Now, when meme becomes viral, internet users can express themselves through the pictures or memes. In Indonesia, there is a community called meme comic Indonesia which provides and creates plenty of memes that are always booming and viral. The meme itself has a special character that has different meaning one and another. Here are some characters of meme comic Indonesia that perhaps you have not known yet.

Troll Face

Troll face is a meme which expresses an ignorant face. The creator of the meme is Whynne who is a DeviantArt user. In fact, Whynne wanted to describe a character named Rape Rodent. The reason for him created this meme because not every prank is the success and the meme exists to express the sadness because failing in prank someone. This meme commonly used to express a comic character which is playing prank to another character or playing prank to the reader.

Bitch Please

Bitch please is a meme that is famous in and viral in Indonesia. This meme is inspired by the face of Yao Ming, a professional basket player. This meme describes the expression of underestimating others opinions or suggestions.

Rage Guy

This character appeared in a comic entitled 4 table in 4 chance. This meme describes the expression of someone does a mistake that makes him annoyed.

Y U NO Guy

The meme is originally from a comic called Gantz in chapter 55. This meme expresses someone who askes the others to do something that must be done but they do not do anything. The mimic is full of frustration and dejection.

Fuck Yeah

This meme describes the expression of someone who is the success in doing his goal or confidence.

Poker Face

Poker face is a meme to express someone who pretends to know anything. There is another kind of poker face that is called bad poker face which means trying to hide something but unsuccessful.

Those are some characters in meme comic Indonesia that are mostly still used and viral in Indonesia. The meme itself is pronounced as the meme. Now, you can use meme on your social media and know the meaning.

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